Ben Edgecombe's Football Predictions

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Preview and Predictions
  1. Manchester City
  2. Liverpool
  3. Manchester United
  4. Arsenal
  5. Tottenham
  6. Chelsea
  7. Leicester City
  8. Wolverhampton Wanderers
  9. Southampton
  10. Leeds United
  11. Newcaslte United
  12. Burnley
  13. Sheffield United
  14. Everton
  15. West Ham United
  16. Brighton
  17. Aston Villa
  18. Crystal Palace
  19. Fulham
  20. West Bromwich Albion

The Premier League is never easy to win, but it always seems harder to retain, and this has influenced my choice in picking Manchester City as title winners this season. They have a really strong side and one of the best managers in the League in Pep, I believe it will take something special for any team to beat them to the top spot this season.

Liverpool will be up thier you don't win the league for no reason, they are an incredible side, I just think they will faulter this season a little more often than the season before, and this will open the door teams around them to get involved.

3rd place was a tough choice, their are a whole group of team that could easily finish in The top 4 and honestly any team from 3rd to 7th could easily finish here. I have however gone for Manchester United to finish 3rd, the combination of Fernadez and Pogba could be great and the front three are only going to get stronger.

4th and final champions league spot I have going to Arsenal, Aretta has looked increditble so far, and I think if he can get Arsenal back to the Champions League, his stock will shoot through the roof and he will take his place as Barcalona manager in due course.

Tottenham will be better under Jose this season and they could easily finish top 4, I have the 5th for the simple fact, I think they will win the Europa League or the FA Cup. Mourinho will win somthing at Tottenham and I think a cup is the more likely than the league.

Frank Lampards Chelsea will drop down a litte bit this year, not because Chelsea have got worst but because the teams around them have got better. Chelsea do have the Champions League to play for and that will also stretch their squad.

Leicester City have been great since winning the league, but the signs after the restart last season were not good. They really struggled to find form, and if Vardy is not is firing the goals they could really struggle, with that said 7th is still a great finish for Leicester.

8th is Wolverhampton Wanderers for the taking, they could push on higher but I worry about the depth of the squad . Still if you asked Wolves fan Im sure 8th would be acceptable. I just can't see them finishing above any of the teams above.

Southampton started really bad last season, but the form they found going into the second half should give them hope. Top half finish will be more then many Southampton fans expect, but they are capable. I do have the worry that they could start slow again and be fighting an uphill battle all season long.

Leeds United return the Premier League and I believe they will manage a decent mid-table position, the best of any team coming up this year. The manager is tactically good, and will scrapes results. Leeds could be a dark horse in the cups as well.

Newcaslte finish mid-table last season with no bells or whistles. They don't seem to be progressing or regressing at the moment and seem to have settled for mid-table safety. They need to be carful as a bad run of results could see them pulled down into a battle they really don't want to be in.

Burnley could easily finish above Newcaslte and Leeds, but they have an issue with goals. They are solid defensively but you can't win many games without scoring goals. I think Burnley will be happy with 12th.

Sheffield United, has a wonderful season last time round, but they stumbled towards the end. I think they will pull of some great results but overall I think they are in for a very average season, slipping into the bottom half. I think they will be safe, there are teams that are alot worse.

14th, Everton have alot to prove but, I don't think they will show it this season, they have a great manager but they lack a bit of quality on the pitch. Given a good run they could push up the league, but also given a bad run, a relegation battle is more likely.

West Ham United survived last season with some good form in the run in. I beleive this season could be much of the same. They do have some good players but things haven't clicked under Moyes. He will keep them up and they will be safe. I just expect them to sit in the lower half.

Brighton have been my tip to go down for the last 2 seasons, but I have been proved wrong. They changed their system last year and it worked, they have a decent defensive record but lack goals in a simillar fasion to Burnley.

17th, Aston Villa will be in for a fight again, they survived last season and I think they will manage to survive again. They are in for a battle but the teams below them are going to struggle even more. Villa will have learnt alot of last season and hopefully they will use that this season to survive.

I have Crystal Palace to be relegated this season, they really struggled last season, and I can see them getting any better. If it wasn't for Zaha they would have gone last season or even the season before.

Fulham didn't do much last time round in the Premier League and I fear that this will be the same story. They do not have the quality or depth to achieve much mroe than 19th, but with that said I would have said that about Sheffield United last season and we all see that unfold. I hope they do prove me wrong, but I think the drop is more likely.

This might be unfair on West Brom, I simply know very little about them and what I have seem and researched I'm not sure they are Premier League quality. I hope they prove me wrong and they really suprise the world, but 20th and a trip back to the Championship for the.